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The Gift of Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice is a time of the year that is often bittersweet. There is so much darkness, and yet the light peaks through the cracks. Winter is the time in which we are drawn inward, into the depths of ourselves, allowing the deeper, hidden aspects to arise and be seen. This can be painful, yet very freeing if it is met with acceptance and compassion.

This season, I have been aware of and feeling how much darkness there really is. When I consider that we are traveling through unknown, dark space on the very edge of a galaxy, on a small planet, heated and illuminated by one star, I sense that we are not really sure where we are… and I sense the depths of the mystery.

I have been noticing how the lights of the holidays help us cope with this darkness during this season. Imagine what it would feel like without the colors, warmth and comfort of them. Lights are one of my favorite part of the holidays and I can understand why.

Yet, the darkness is also comforting in a mysterious way. Within the darkness of winter is a gift to each of us. It allows us to go deeply within to see what has been hidden in the depths. Once seen, we can shed what is no longer true. We can let go of what no longer serves our ability to love.

This week I developed an irritation in my left eye. With what I know about body language, I could sense that there was something that I wasn’t seeing. This became clear last night in a personal interaction. I literally did not see what was appearing, yet once I did, I was able to let go of it. I was able to release an old, unconscious pattern that I wasn’t even aware was running until then. It was very freeing. And today the eye irritation is gone.

The darkness of the winter solstice, and the darkness of the new moon tomorrow, give us an opportunity to feel this darkness in our being. The opportunity is to not turn from it, but to embrace it, knowing it is part of who we are, and continues to reveal more of our true nature. We are both dark and light, and we are what is before both. We can live in the comfort of these polarities, allowing each to be expressed within us. In this divine balance, we are held.

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