Morning Meditation

Often, I awake quite early in the morning, sometimes before sunrise. I sleep quite well, and usually feel rested when I wake, yet I usually do not like to get right out of bed. I enjoy using this quiet time to do an internal meditation. This gives me the space to wake up peacefully and also offers the opportunity to fall back to sleep if needed. By the end of the meditation, I am either wide awake, centered and vibrating with fresh, healing energy, or I am so relaxed that sleep returns quite naturally.

This morning, I awoke at 5 am, after a good night’s sleep. I felt rested, yet wasn’t ready to get out of bed and start the day quite yet. It was still dark and I was very warm and cozy in bed, so I decided to take this time to practice the Microcosmic Orbit, which I have been doing daily since the Winter Solstice.

The Microcosmic Orbit is one of my favorite meditations. It merges the Governor Channel, which runs up the back, along the spine, with the Conception Vessel, which runs down the mid line of the front of the torso. The channels meet at the base of the spine and at the mouth. The Governor Channel is the masculine channel, accessing the qualities of sky and spirit, while the Conception Vessel is the feminine channel, accessing the qualities of earth and substance. When we merge the channels, by flowing energy between them, we are able to balance and embody both yin and yang polarities within, which effects our being, our lives and how we relate in the world. We feel grounded in our bodies and in this earthly experience, yet connected to the larger aspect of our being, our eternal nature.

The meditation first focuses on specific points, which are energetic vortexes, along the two channels. We spend time filling each point with breath and light. As we practice this, each point opens to receive the energy being cultivated. The energy then settles into the inner body, supporting healing on many levels. As we proceed through the meditation, we breath through the orbit, eventually simply breathing light up the back and down the front, through the channels, with one complete breath. At this point, we relax into effortless breathing, simply being with the inner stillness and noticing what is present.

Once the energy is flowing well in the channels, it will often continue to flow on its own. Effortless, free flowing energy is the primordial state of our energy system. As young children, unless we experienced trauma at birth, the flow is natural in these channels. As we go through the challenges of life and difficult experiences, the energy can slow down or become completely blocked, causing stagnation within us and in our lives, and may cause disease. The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation offers support to return to a state of health and well being at the core of our most basic level of manifestation, our energy system. As we take our health into our own hands and consciously work with these channels, our lives change. The effect of practicing this continues to build upon itself; the energy will naturally flow, especially if we reinforce it through the meditation on a regular basis.

I truly enjoyed my internal practice this morning. It was very peaceful and centering. It brought me into a place of nurturing quiet. I felt the aliveness and tingling energy filling my body and running through like liquid light.

After I finished the meditation, I was wide awake and I knew I would not sleep, so I decided to begin my day. As I slowly opened my eyes, I noticed the sun peaking up from the darkness, meeting me in this celebration of life, in this moment of vibrant beauty.

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