Filling in the Space

The heart is multifaceted. It holds so many layers, so many hidden windows. While toning this morning with a global harmonic event lead by Jonathan Goldman, I had an image of the inner heart, infinite and ever opening. We spend most of our time trying to protect the heart. We don’t want to get hurt and feel the pain of that. We don’t want to be vulnerable. Yet, in my experience, I have come to realize that it’s the constricting that causes the most pain. Holding back and not embracing life is actually much more difficult.

In truth, our hearts are open, it’s the mind that tightens and constricts the experience of love. We think we want things a certain way, love with conditions. We believe that love can only be this way, not that way. If someone doesn’t love us the way we think they should, then we become resentful and close off. Yet, love is everywhere and is everything. Love can look beautiful and it can also look terrifying. The power of it is overwhelming. Everything is built upon it.

When we tighten our minds, and thus, our experience of love, we are closing ourselves off from our true nature; that which is untouched by the most excruciating pain of love and loss. That which knows that the pain we feel is only opening us more to our eternal essence. That which knows that love and who we are is the same.

On this Valentine’s Day, I notice some people embracing the love that is here, and others that are resisting it. Are they trying to stay protected? Are they attempting to not feel the hurt that they carry? Would they be willing to open, and see what is revealed as they embrace the sadness? I have found that when I allow the heart to fully feel, to fully hurt, to fully break, love is able to fill in the cracks of the heart even more. A flood gate has opened. A well has emptied and allowed more space to be filled. And then there is more to give, more to share with the world.

Our challenge is not to hold the heart tightly, it is to open, so fully and so vulnerably that we are standing in the fire. We are letting everything come and greet us, so we can see where we are still holding on, where we are still trying to control life, and love.

Love is so uncontrollable. It will devour us. Isn’t this what we want? To be so embraced by this power that all else is seen as frivolous? Life is so fleeting… it is gone in an instant. What remains is love, our eternal heart, shining ever brighter. As we allow each experience, without resisting, we are able to live as love Itself.

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