Returning to God’s Perfection

As a continuation of the previous entry, I will now attempt to describe the work that I do. Describing qigong healing can be challenging, since our language is limited, individual words have so many meanings and sometimes there is no perfect word to truly describe something. Yet I believe that it is important to understand as best we can, something that may not translate fully through words, into the reality of it. The mind does appreciate being engaged in aspects of life that may go beyond it’s comprehension. Having a framework for what we are experiencing on deeper and more subtle levels helps us integrate and receive what we are offered in a more holistic way.

Qigong Healing, as I had written previously, is an alternative healing modality in which a practitioner, who is skilled in energy cultivation, works with a recipient in order to assist and support the recipient’s energetic system returning to balance and effortless flow. There are several schools that now teach this form of healing work, and each one is unique. There are many styles of qigong healing and each teacher will have their own techniques. I feel very grateful to have found my teacher, Damaris Jarboux, at a small, out of the way school in Boulder, Colorado. Finding her was a journey in itself, which I will share at another time, but it was one in which I felt that I was led to. I felt as if this work “found me”, instead of me having much to do with it. When I met Damaris and began studying with her in 1995, I had not even heard the word “qigong”. I began the first year of the five year training program, which was called “Energy-Body Healing”, during which we simply practiced qigong forms. The five year program focused solely on qigong healing starting in the second year. Along with personal cultivation practice during the first year, we learned about various types of energetic healing and techniques. We learned how to open and balance the chakras, which are energetic wheels of light in the Ayurveda tradition from India. We learned various Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch forms. We also learned some traditional Native American healing techniques and theories. It was a full year of diving into energetic work as a foundation and discovering the healing nature of this alternative modality.

Over the next four years and beyond, we spent over 1000 hours of training in the art of qigong healing. The healing forms that I use mostly consists of Damaris’ teachings, which she learned through various teachers along the way including at Qigong Hospitals in China, as well as through her own inner guidance. She would often check with the qigong doctors about her own insights and at one point, after showing them the Obstructive Chi Scarring technique, which I will go into later in this entry, they said that this was “it”. She had discovered the foundation and what all else is supported by within the healing work.

I also have had the pleasure of studying with a few other teachers, including Michael Lomax and James MacRitchie. Michael spent 12 years in China, studying with a qigong master there, and graciously shared his knowledge, insights and powerful cultivation and healing techniques. James is an acupuncturist who combines qigong with his modality. He also teaches powerful cultivation practices that focus on the eight extraordinary meridians. I am grateful to know these ancient practice forms, one being the Microcosmic Orbit.

To explain qigong healing, I would like to share a story which Damaris tells in which her son had broken his arm in a far off country. Over the telephone, Damaris spoke to the doctor who would be performing the surgery. He comforted Damaris by saying not to worry, he would be doing the surgery with great care so that her son’s arm would “return to God’s perfection.” This concept also relates to qigong healing. We are holding the space and focus, moving energy within the body and clearing patterns held within, all so that we can return to God’s perfection, the place in which we all know; where we came from and where we are returning to, and truly, where we never left. It is only in holding energetic debris, patterns, thoughts and beliefs that we suffer and feel the pain of separation and imperfection. With the help of qigong healing, one can actualize and live from this place of perfection and peace.

I will now describe the techniques I use during a qigong healing session. It is much like opening a tool box and picking up each tool to examine and describe it. I hope that it helps you understand the work on a more intellectual level. Yet with a tool, until it is used, we cannot fully grasp it’s power. But engaging the mind is useful in our healing journey and I honor it.

Qigong is very similar to acupuncture in many ways. Acupuncture is actually often called a different name in China, which is zhen jou qigong, which translates to needle and heat energy cultivation. Needles or moxa sticks, which are lit to create heat at the tip, are placed in or just above the energy points along the meridians in order to activate the qi at that point.

Qigong Healing also works with the points along the meridians, yet in a different manner. Instead of using a needles or heat, the practitioner uses energy, directed from the infinite qi field, through their fingers and palms, into the point. The qi flows in to open and fill the point. The points I work with during a session are the same points that a five element acupuncturist would use. There are a few different forms of acupuncture; Five Element Acupuncture, which addresses the system as a whole and uses the elements to bring the system into balance, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which often addresses localized symptoms, such as a headache, etc. In this modality, the needles are often placed in the area of pain, whereas with five element acupuncture, the needles are placed in points that will open the system so that the headache is eliminated. It gets the the core cause, rather than just the symptom.

The points along the meridians are very profound, powerful vortexes of energy, and each one has a specific function. Below is a list and description of each that I work with:

Entry points and exit points allow the energy to move from one meridian into the next, creating a flowing cycle within the meridians.
Junction points create balance within meridians, either as a balance of yin/ yang such as liver/ gallbladder, (both being a wood element meridian), or as a balance of right and left of a meridian, such as the right and left sides of the liver meridian, since they are mirrored on each side of the body.
Five Element points bring that specific element into the meridian, offering the element’s healing aspect within the meridian. There are five elemental points on each meridian.
Source points draw energy from the elemental source of the specific meridian.
Window of the Sky points open an energetic window to the light of the spirit world, to incarnate into the system.

Shu points directly access and effect the internal organs, on both an energetic and spiritual level.
Cleft points hold debris, and once clear can allow a deeper strength within the entire system.
Master and Couple points directly effect the eight extraordinary meridians, which are known as the reservoirs of the meridian system. They help supply the right amount of qi to the organ meridians, giving or receiving qi as needed.

Along with working with these points, I also do the following techniques:

Clear External Energy: Sometimes we take on energy that is not for our highest benefit. This lower vibrational energy can feel as if we have a virus, bringing our whole energy system down. Once this is cleared, we will feel more “ourselves’, balanced and calm.

Chakra Spiral: This is technically not a qigong form that I learned during the first year of the healing program. I love this practice because it not only opens the major and minor chakras, it opens the whole field, which allows you to receive the healing work on a deeper level.

Clear Obstructive Qi Scarring: Picturing the meridians as rivers, sometimes the meridians will have energetic webbing or debris held in them from past experiences that were difficult to process at the time. Similar to debris in a river which obstructs the flow of water to the ocean, this energetic debris will slow down the qi flow and only allow a small percentage of the full capacity of the qi to flow. This creates stagnation. Once the debris is cleared, the qi will flow effortlessly and there will be more space for increased energy to fill the meridians. You may will also feel as though the experiences that occurred hold less emotional weight. Forgiveness and peace can occur in relation to the events.

3-D Back Work:
The back is very much connected to our spirit nature. When the back is blocked and qi is not moving correctly along the governor channel and the spine, our spirit cannot fully incarnate or fully engage with our lives. Once the back is cleared and opened, our spirit can support us in our journey here. This technique will offer the support to move forward and accomplish goals that have seemed difficult.

Key Treatment:
In Chinese Medicine, there is what is known as the causative factor. It is one’s dominant element, which effects everything else. There is also the effect and the symptom of the causitive factor. The effect is the element which is being effected by the cf and the symptom is the element which is showing the imbalance. Using this concept, I am able to find a “key”, which fits just right and effects the whole unified system. It is created by the three specific elements and opens the system in a very unique and profound way.

Taoist Back Work:
This is a very powerful technique that I was taught by Michael Lomax. I was taught that this technique was a very hidden secret reserved for very highly regarded people. It has now made it’s way into the hands of some qigong healers. I am very grateful to know this form. Working along the spine, this technique effects the central nervous system. It clears blockages and flows energy throughout the whole body, using a very light touch along the spine. Most people love this and feel very relaxed during and after completion.

Drain & Replace:
This technique is used for specific pain or illness in an area of the body. I pull out “sick qi” from the area, using my palm, and moving it through my arms and out the other palm. Once the energy has stopped flowing, I fill the area with healing energy.

I also use other various techniques that I won’t mention since they are minor and used less often. Using a combination of these powerful techniques, I can offer  you a healing experience that will not only open the energetic system, but also clear past patterns, strengthen the flow and raise the personal vibrational frequency. In other words, assist in actualizing more fully who one is, which is light, love and peace.

One additional important aspect of a session is conversation together. We begin and end with time to notice what is arising to be offered and honored in the space of the session.

I am aware that these techniques are concepts. Sometimes we need this to relate to ourselves and each other. Yet, truly, we are simply being together in the space of healing and awareness. In that, healing happens, regardless of the forms we use.

As I have said before, we are already this peace, yet, as you can see, there can be obstructions to the experience of it. Even our bodies, on both the physical and energetic levels, can hold patterns that are obstacles to our surrender to this peace.

I invite you to try a qigong healing session with me. During the first session, I will complete all of the techniques above. By the end of the session, your system will be open and flowing, similar to an innocent newborn, by clearing out the past, to make space for an open, present and centered life.

Lastly, to sum up my experience and understanding of Qigong Healing, I quote my teacher Micheal Lomax, who says that “qigong helps one find and fulfill their destiny”. I welcome and hold you in this space, supporting your journey of truth, freedom and inner peace.

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