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Nature’s Essence

Our world is made up of energy, of moving light. Everything that is alive has energy flowing through it, like a stream of divine essence for us to absorb, to use and to live as. Although we have physical bodies, at the microscopic level, what makes up our bodies is flowing light. Particles of light within us are constantly moving from and into something beyond our comprehension, into what is often referred to as the void. From the void, the light emerges and creates the universe. All physical manifestations are forms of this light; the trees, the animals, even the furniture we sit on.

All aspects of the natural world hold a very healing essence of light within them. They are very content in their beingness and reflect an openness to life. For instance, flowers simply sit where they are, content to be, and absorb the light of the sun throughout their lifetime. Constantly absorbed in this light, they reflect the pure essence of it, adding their unique quality to it. Their reflection of this pure energy is offered to all that are in their presence. Just looking at a flower brings us a sense of peace and healing.

Flower or Nature Essences are a medium for which the light and the qualities of nature can be received in an energetic, internal way. The essence is created by adding a flower or other living form to purified water and allowing the energetic imprint to saturate the water. Water holds this energetic information extremely well because it is a wonderful conductor. Dr. Emoto’s work, Messages in Water, demonstrates the power water has to hold both positive and negative thoughts, patterns and imprints. When we take the essence water in, either through ingesting it or by spraying it on and around the body, the information as light enters our being, settles into the energetic body and aligns one’s being with life.

I have spent many years using essences and find them extremely valuable in shifting patterns in my life. When I am not able to see clearly, or not able to move through something, I create an essence for myself. Often, within a few days or a week, something changes. I witness it as the resistance or blockage that was being held within is just simply not there anymore. I most often have very little to do with the process, yet I see it occurring. It is profound in the process of gentle release and very freeing.

Because I have experienced the value of essences in healing work, in addition to Sound & Qi Healing, I also offer Personal Flower Essence Consultations, in conjunction with a Private Session or separately. I am also available for private parties, events and groups. Please inquire for details.

Flower Essences are a safe and very effective form of healing. I am always in awe at the effectiveness with each formula I make for myself and for individuals. I invite you to experience this gentle, loving, yet powerful journey with essences. They truly offer a mirror for us to notice that we are also this peace and beauty that they hold within and shine outward. They teach us that we can also shine this light effortlessly, through our own natural essence.

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