A Rare Opportunity

I came across some information about gravity today, and it got me thinking of the wonder of it… and the wonder of all factors that make it possible for us to be here now, alive on planet Earth. Every single factor has to be just right in order for this to occur. It truly is a miracle and very rare. This statement from the DVD, The Privileged Planet, describes the scope of it. “The fact that our atmosphere is clear; that our moon is just the right size and distance from Earth, and that its gravity stabilizes the Earth’s rotation; that our position in our galaxy is just so; that our sun is its precise mass and composition: all of these factors (and many more), are not only necessary for Earth’s habitability; they also have been surprisingly crucial for scientists to measure and make discoveries about the universe.”

We often go about our daily lives, thinking of how we will get everything done that we need to today, yet do we spend time thinking of the deeper aspects of life, such as the reason why we are here, how it is even possible to be here and what we are meant to experience and realize while we are here? Papaji would often say that this is a rare opportunity and encouraged people not to waste it. Our life, or the life of the planet, could end at any moment, through the power of the universe which we have no control over. Just recently, it was reported that a meteor barely missed hitting the planet. An actual collision has happened before and most probably will occur again.

The question to ask ourselves is, how will we spend our time while we are here? I always come back to loving; loving what is and being grateful for everything, even the most simple things, even the painful things. If we live this way, no matter how short a time we spend here, we will have used each moment in the most valuable, sacred way. As we surrender deeper into this way of being, we are given the opportunity to realize that what is here, this foundation of love, will always be here; before, during and after planet Earth can inhabit us. It will be here beyond the existence of the planet itself, and the sun.

Self is simply experiencing this way of being, as human on Earth, at this precious time. The Self that orchestrated the perfection in order for life to occur on Earth knows the answers to unimagined questions and holds us in that knowing. We, as human beings, cannot know the answers to the mystery in the same way, yet we can rest in it, and feel the comfort of it, in this divine play of the universe. In this play, we have the opportunity to live as this love and discover the many ways it demonstrates itself.

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