Personal Solar Panels

Our world is waking up to the power of the sun. It seems obvious that the sun gives everything life and tapping into its power can help us get through the energy crisis we are experiencing. We are using finite energy sources and will need to continue to shift our focus to sources that are sustainable. I am hopeful that as we see the effects of solar use, we will continue to expand this area of technology.

Yet, this entry is not about solar power in the usual sense. I would like to expand this idea to a more personal experience. As a qigong practitioner, I would like to share with you the concept of each of us having solar panels within us. It sounds a bit strange, yet it is true. Our palms, which are potent energy collectors and transmitters, collect the sun very similar to a solar panel on the roof of our homes.

We tend to believe that the only way we can receive energy is by eating and drinking. The more alive the foods are that we eat, the more energy we bring in. This is certainly true, yet by practicing energy cultivation we can gather light from the sun, bypassing the process of digestion, and feeding every cell with light in an effective and simple way.

To gather energy from the sun, stand or sit in a relaxed position and face the sun. Hold your arms above the head, or at a comfortable position. Face the palms toward the sun. You may also tilt the head to face the sun more fully.

As you breathe in, imagine you are inhaling at the palms. Allow the breath to come in through the pores of the skin. The light of the sun is riding on the breath, so as you breath, the light is moving into the body. As you breath out, notice that the energy is moving deeper into the body. You may feel it flow into the heart center, or into the lower abdomen, the lower tan tien (a potent collection and storage center), or other areas that may be depleted. Simply hold your attention on the palms and on the breath while keeping an open perception of where the energy is moving within. I also recommend sending gratitude back to the sun as you breathe and simply notice the effect of that.

You may begin to feel the palms warming up and tingling. They may feel full as they collect the light. Be aware of what you experience as you gather the sun’s energy. Do this for as long as desired, typically 5- 15 minutes.

I enjoy doing this practice in the early morning. It is a beautiful way to greet the day and it fills me with a radiance that I can use throughout it. I tend to eat less with this practice, since I feel energized on a deeper level.

You can also do this practice with the moon, which is reflecting the light of the sun. The moon energy has a softer, more feminine quality and is wonderful for tapping into that similar essence within. Doing this on the full moon is very potent. Gathering moonlight may especially help women become more aligned with the natural rhythms of the body.

As we begin to use the sun’s resources for the energy to run our homes, businesses and future technologies, let us also build an internal relationship with it; feeding our hearts, feeding our bodies and in turn spreading this radiant light into all aspects of life.

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