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A Moment in Time

This morning I sat on the edge of the lake near my home and watched several dragonflies playing among the blooming alfalfa flowers. It was a moment of joy, simply witnessing the beauty of life in its innocence. It reminded me of something I heard a few weeks ago which is that dragonflies only live for 24 hours. As I sat and watched their play, I began to think about what that would mean. I imagined what it would be like to only see one sunrise and sunset, one full day of activity and one star filled sky. We often hear about people that have been close to death realizing the preciousness of each day and their ability to savor each moment they have. Yet, we often get caught up in our lives, forgetting how abundant and blessed we are to have this time here.

If we knew we had only one day to live, how would we spend it? Would we arise before the sun to watch its glorious appearance? Would we spend time cooking a nourishing meal for our loved ones? Would we be creative? Would we want to be in nature or inside? Would we express ourselves to those we love? Would we try to serve the world in some way?

The beauty of this opportunity of life that we have is to enjoy each moment, even the challenging ones. In them, we can discover more about who we are and how life embraces and holds us. We can hold gratitude for all of it, knowing we are here for a very short time. Time is, in fact, very relative. The lifespan of a dragonfly can feel like a lifetime to us. The lifetime of a mountain or tree may also feel short in its awareness. Time is a perception, and in relation to the planet, our lives are a blink of an eye.

Spending our moments in love, gratitude and playfulness opens up a world of possibility and beauty. As we do this, we may notice how life responds to this, to the childlike nature we live from. In this, no moment is wasted, or regretted. Everything is expressing love. Everything is perfectly displaying itself as love. And all it really takes is one moment, one breath, to be that.

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