Lessons Lessen

My sister, Alisa and I were talking the other day about life lessons. We agreed that lessons are an opportunity to lessen, to let go of the story of ourselves and allow our true nature to be embraced and shine more fully. When a lesson appear in our lives, which occurs many times throughout our days in small ways and throughout our lifetimes in larger ways, we have an opportunity to allow the lesson to strip away what is not true. It helps us see what we are holding onto; the heavy weight of unquestioned thoughts, beliefs and feelings, which are keeping us from being who we truly are.

During the lesson, it can feel as if it’s too much; we feel as if we can’t bare the pain and we may get stuck in it. Being peaceful and loving can feel too far away when we are feeling the arising discomfort. Yet, if we stop and take a moment to step back and look, we can disengage from the normal reaction of the ego. From here, we can see the lesson for what it is, from a witness state, as if we are observing a friend going through it. Resting in this still place, we can embrace the opportunity of the lesson and use it in a positive way; to become more aware and to see it as a way for us to lessen… and to deepen into the Ocean of Being.

Waterfall Photo courtesy of freefoto.com.

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