Heart, Broken Open

We often spend so much energy keeping our hearts protected, closed and guarded. This may feel safer in a world of chaos and pain, yet even among challenges we face, it can feel very constricting to our spirit. When we keep a barrier or wall up around the heart, we cannot fully express the vast beauty and love that we are. I have experienced many times in my life when I had held my heart tightly, and it actually was more painful than when I simply allowed it to break wide open.

Pain is one of the life experiences we want to push away and avoid. Pain caused by being in a difficult relationship, ending one, or losing a loved one can sometimes feel overbearing. How can we go through such physical and emotional pain? Yet, feeling this much pain can show us how much we are able and willing to love and express love. And in my experience, when I allow the feelings of sadness, loss and heartbreak to be expressed, it often has a beauty held within it.
Pain can be exhilarating and awakening. A heart broken open is truly a gift in disguise. This uncomfortable experience offers us a sacred opportunity to allow the love to pour out of the vessel of one’s being, expressed as pain. It cracks our shell of protection, sometimes causing actual physical pain and certainly emotional pain. Yet, if we allow it all, allow it to wash over us, there is a gift at the bottom of the ocean of our hearts. The crack reveals something which was hidden, and which we can experience directly in that moment of openness and raw exposure. It is a beauty which is indescribable in words, yet can be fully experienced. Once we have felt this, even once, we can continue to rest in this and become this. Deeper and deeper, we can feel and express this beauty in our lives and in the world. And just imagine how an open, unprotected heart can touch the world. No barriers, no boundaries; love pouring in and out, self to self. An empty vessel that is also full… and limitless. Love beyond measure.
I invite you to take every opportunity in your daily life to allow the heart to open; in the small situations and in the large, in all of it. Let us embrace this opportunity to its fullest capacity and see what is expressed through us, from this place of openness. Life is a blessed journey of our heart, merging and uniting with the one limitless Heart of all Beings.
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