Sacred Space

Sacred SpaceYesterday I woke up with the desire to head to the mountains for an early morning hike. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go at first, but quickly felt a call to Gregory Canyon, a trail in the foothills of Boulder, which offers a gentle creek, beautiful wildflowers and stunning views of trees, mountains and red rocks.

It is also dear to my heart because of one particular spot along the trail… my qigong practice place; my sacred space.

This spot is not too far from the trail head, so I never feel tired upon arriving. It is off the path a bit, yet close enough that it is accessible. It is made up of a huge rock platform which overlooks a valley and trees. It is nestled in so that not many people would even notice it, or notice me sitting there. Whenever I hike Gregory Canyon, I know I will end up at this sacred space to do a bit of practice. It has become a ritual.

These types of places are everywhere to be discovered. Growing up in Maine, I always felt this sacredness at Land’s End, on the coast of Harpswell, as I sat and watched the waves crash against the harsh, dark rocks. I didn’t know qigong at the time, yet I always felt comforted being there and absorbing the energy that was so alive and healing.

A sacred space offers us so much; a place to be quiet, to reflect and to heal. A place to stop and notice what is present and what is important in our lives. A place to replenish and renew ourselves and be open to insight and guidance.

Of course, finding a sacred space in nature is a truly beautiful thing, yet know that wherever we are, that sacred space is within us; within our hearts, and we are never separate from that. We are that space and as we find ourselves in nature, appreciating the sacredness of it, we are in tune with that sacred aspect of who we are. It is simply a reflection of our true self.

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