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Life Will Be Better When…

Have you ever heard yourself saying “My life will be better when…”? Maybe finishing the sentence with “I have the perfect mate or family, perfect job or financial situation, perfect health or perfect state of enlightenment”? This is easy to do since the world is set up this way. Planning for a more secure and happy future is built into our society and helps sell products, keeps our minds and lives busy and keeps the routine of the world going.

Yet it also keeps suffering going. When we are constantly looking toward the future for fulfillment, we miss what is here, independent of any thought of a future or worldly achievement. The ego is tied in with this desire of fulfillment in the future. It tries to keep control by creating stories of what life will be like when we have reached our goals and changed parts of our lives for the better. It is the desire of anything being different that creates a movement of the mind and keeps the suffering alive.

And the ego is never satisfied for long. After achieving one goal, we quickly move on to the next. Part of this is that the first goal didn’t quite satisfy us the way we thought it would, so the next idea comes and we think that will be “it”. It’s a never ending cycle of suffering. We never feel satisfied because we know deep down that even all of this supposed achievement is fleeting. We are looking for lasting fulfillment in temporal experiences, which are always changing. We can never truly hold onto them or the fulfillment they offer.

What if, for one day, or even for one moment, we let go of anything being different in our lives? What if we are completely and utterly at peace with life just the way it is?

When I completely allow what is to be, I feel open, relaxed and at rest. True fulfillment arises out of this because my mind has surrendered and let go. Peace itself is revealed.

Now, this doesn’t mean we stop doing anything in our lives; it is instead turning the attention of satisfaction to the ground which holds us, is us. We simply stop believing that it is the achievement that gives us fulfillment. From this true peacefulness, we are free to create and experience life in all of its wonder, knowing it is not what feeds us.

Outside circumstances, however challenging or wonderful, are temporary. Everything is. What does not change is our being; our true essence. As we rest here, we can see life as a wonderful movie, with dramatic experiences and boundless creativity. Enjoy the play, yet notice the seer, the witness of it all. This witness, which has been present through the entire journey, is unmoving and untouched by any of it.

This may seem as if it is a detachment to our lives, and in some ways it is. Yet it is the opening to a vastness beyond any experience. It turns our attention to something much bigger than who we think we are. It is awakening from the dream of “I” and seeing that who we think we are is part of the dream. And yet we know that we are what is watching the dream. From here, follow the dreams of the dreamer; play your heart song and enjoy each experience. Yet know it does not touch That, which is free of it all. That is freedom itself, beyond our ego and even beyond any concept of achievement. It simply is. And if we pause for one moment, we may be able to hear it calling us home to rest, in Itself.

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