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Living in Gratitude

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving, a national holiday which allows us the time to give thanks for all that is good in our lives. I had a nice holiday with my husband, playing music, enjoying food and connecting with family. Yet, this morning I woke up feeling a bit sad.

This sadness is coming from a deep place within, wishing we lived in a world in which gratitude was an everyday way of being. What if we all felt gratitude for everything, all the time, even the rough things in life (which are often the most meaningful when we look back)? What if we allowed gratitude to flow uninhibited from our hearts, through our words and actions, to life itself and all that we experience? What if we let each person in our lives know that we are grateful for them, even if they sometimes challenge us to look deeper at ourselves and our actions?

Gratitude has a strength in it, a power which changes our lives. If we are in a constant state of gratitude for everything that shows up, we are naturally in a place of acceptance and flow with life. When this becomes our way of being, things that we would consider miracles begin to happen on a daily basis. We come into resonance with the timing of things, which bring unseen opportunities. We meet extraordinary people who touch our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine. We are led through life with an open heart and mind, which allows space for grace to come in and live through us.

Waking up today with this sadness moved me to write this blog and I am grateful for that. I am grateful to be able to feel, to write and to share. All feelings are welcomed in gratitude because they serve a purpose to move us to look deeper into what all of this truly means.

So, although most of us are moving on to bigger and brighter things (aka Black Friday), let’s bring this sense of gratitude we felt yesterday with us. It can easily fit into each moment and influence everything and everyone we encounter. It can improve our lives in an instant and change it forever. Even if things aren’t going so well, the power of gratitude can open us up to see the reasons why so that we can alter them. Feeling grateful is a magnet for attracting more things to be grateful for.

Something I’m grateful for

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