Making Space

Our lives are busier than ever. We are a productive society and everything is geared toward success and achievement, getting ahead and being the best. This creates a lot of pressure and it keeps us running. There is often no time to stop and just be.

Yet this is where real inspiration comes from; in the quiet, still moments. In the moments that we set aside for ourselves.

Sometimes we do things just because we think we should. Often, activities are not examined to see if they are really right for us. Are there things in your life that are this way for you or your family? I know our lives are extremely different than they were a hundred years ago, but are they better? Sometimes I think the simplicity of life offered more value and the opportunity to really examine who we are and what is important in life.

Although it can be more challenging to find space in our daily lives, it is so important to do this. We need space to nurture the internal. It may not be as apparent that this makes a difference, yet without it we lose touch of our true nature and our true purpose.

Allowing ourselves to create space and time for things that are important to us will inspire, uplift and fulfill us and those around us in unimaginable ways. And giving ourselves this space allows others to do the same. We will then live in an inspired world, changing the focus from monetary achievement to true fulfillment. We can say we live from our heart and we can allow this inspiration to touch all that we do.

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