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I have a need to simplify my life. To let go of what no longer serves me; no longer feeds my soul and just allow life to be simple. Maybe its the time of the year – fall – when trees let go and drop the weight of their leaves. The time when darkness takes over the light and when the cold sets in, asking us to be more contained; more protected and preparing to head into our cocoon.

Our cocoon only has so much space. The more we carry in, the less space we have to just be who we are. Somehow just being feels so much more important right now. It feels so free and open, so comforting.

How can we simplify our lives in order to create this space; in order to honor this time for ourselves? What do we need to shed to be able to begin our inward journey?

Letting go of things that no longer fulfill us is a beginning. Activities that we once enjoyed, that although are still beautiful, may be too much weight; too much responsibility. Sometimes this can be difficult to do because we can see the beauty and benefit in all things that we do and there may not be a perfectly clear yes or no. The answer may fall somewhere in between. Yet, asking the question can help and at some point truth arises.

Letting go of relationships that are not feeding us is another process. Friends that say they’ll be there, yet continue to fall short and continue to disappoint us, may need to be released. Is this friendship worth the struggle?

And most important is releasing our old patterns, emotions and thoughts that are no longer supporting us to be our most radiant selves. This process may be the most challenging, yet is highly rewarding. Bringing a quiet mind and open heart into our cocoon is truly beyond any description. The space it creates can open up possibilities of life that we couldn’t perceive before. From here, when the cocoon has once again opened, we are refreshed and ready to see where life wants to lead us.

this moment in.
stillness itself
and see
what is revealed.

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