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Life Moves Us

Somewhere from deep within, we are moved. Somewhere, from deep within, we speak. From this inner place, we never have to question what is appearing or what is the right action in our lives. It is all just right, even though it may not make sense to the mind. The mind only sees part of the picture; a view from one angle. Yet, that deeper knowingness within can see for years and decades; through timelessness. It has the clarity and the awareness of 1000 suns. When we trust that, and know that is truly who we are when all personality and conditioning is stripped away, we can rest in the realization that everything is as it should be; everything is unfolding as it is meant to. That doesn’t mean that things don’t change, or that we have free reign to do as we please; that is just the ego making it okay to carry out the desires that keep us held in its grip. If this knowingness within is calling us to make a change, that is also right. It isn’t about going numb as we see the pain in our lives and in the world. Yet, some people are meant to watch, sit quietly and go inward to heal, while others feel a strong energy within that moves them to action. There is a balance to all of it.

As we notice this inner space of clarity and begin to trust it, the seemingly outside world responds by first bringing up more to be seen. There is a world within ourselves full of the same chaos and pain that we see on our planet. Things that we had turned from and truths that are hard to tell are suddenly looking right at us. This can be a painful time, yet telling the truth as each aspect is seen allows the alignment of our nature to be revealed fully, until finally there is peace. A sense of being is revealed that seemed unimaginable.

Trusting this beingness opens unseen doors, allowing us the freedom to be as we are, in each moment of our lives. From this point of view, we have the capacity and ability to feel our eternal nature and realize that all that is appearing is temporary and part of the play of life. Knowing this doesn’t make it any less beautiful. The beauty actually increases because there is less “why me” or “why not me” involved. Life effortlessly flows through us as we realize that we are life and all of its appearances.

We are the mountain
and the small droplets of melted snow
smoothing the river rocks
And we are the rocks
that the water gently smooths through time
And we are the ocean
in which all immerses into.

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