Mother of Us All

I am your home
on this journey for truth.
I am your host
on this search for love.
I am your mother
in this dream of separation,
reminding you of the divine connection.

I am the arms
that welcome the new,
and the silent heart
which holds each child within.

I am the smile
seen on the faces among you
and the breath
which flows through the trees.

I am the voice
that is spoken in the wind,
and the tears that are shed with the rain.

I am the laughter
that is felt among the clouds,
and the dreams expressed through rainbows.

I am the dance
observed through the tides,
and the force that moves the waves.

I am the flower
which finds you on the mountain,
and the angel who listens
to your prayers
to the stars,
to your Self.

~ Satya

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