Satya Healing Arts

Thank you for your interest in Satya Healing Arts!

“Satya” is a sanskrit word, which means “true”. Through the work that I offer, we are able to together reveal that which is untouched by any experience and to discover true peace.

To navigate through the different sections about me and my work, please read the descriptions below:

My personal story of how I was lead to a path of healing is described in About Satya.

Qi & Sound Healing describes the practice of external qi and sound healing and its value in our lives.

The benefit of personal practice as a support for healing is described in Qigong Practice.

Private Sessions outlines the structure and benefit of a personal session with me.

Flower Essences describes the power of essences as an inspiring healing tool and my work in personal and group settings with them.

Please feel free to contact me for more information through the Contact Page.

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