About Satya

I grew up on the coast of Maine and never thought I would leave such a beautiful, natural environment. Yet when I was 21, I felt an inner calling to travel to the west coast in search of a healing modality to study. I was drawn to the healing arts very early on, having had an emotional childhood. I spent most of my college years in therapy and was studying psychology; fascinated by the emotional aspects of life, why we have certain behaviors and how we can heal through life’s challenges.

During the summer of 1993, I lived with my brother in San Diego, California, which opened my mind to other forms of healing. In early 1994, I began hearing this inner calling and knew it was time to go. That summer I got in my car and headed west, into the mystery. I spent some time in Big Sur, California, but it didn’t feel quite right. I loved the area, being one of the most beautiful places I had ever been, yet something wasn’t aligned. I spent some time thinking of what to do and where to go, and decided to head back east and see if some place called to me along the way.

As I was driving through Colorado, I remembered a friend of mine saying that he thought I would really like Boulder. I didn’t believe him at the time because there was no way I could live that far from the ocean. But as I approached Boulder, I felt like it was time to rest and find clarity. I headed up the canyon to find a campground to pitch my tent and lay on the earth. I ended up at Kelly Dahl, just south of Nederland. I set up my tent and took some deep breaths. I felt a sense of peace and groundedness.

That evening a man came over to my site to say hello; curious why a woman from Maine was traveling by herself in Colorado. We talked for a while and enjoyed each others’ company. I found out that he had just arrived from Memphis, Tennessee, on a very similar quest. His interest was in music and exploring the possibility of using sound in healing and self discovery. We spent the following weeks together, and three years later, we got married. His name is Akshara Weave and his music is very supportive in my work and in many others’ path of healing.

Soon after settling in Boulder, I found The Qigong School, founded by Damaris Jarboux and James MacRitchie, former presidents of The National Qigong Association. For the next several years I studied with them and completed the five year Qigong Healing Program.

Akshara and I also lived in Crestone for about a year just after we got married, which is a small, quiet town in southern Colorado. We met our spiritual teacher, Gangaji, there and immediately found a peacefulness that cannot be described with words. Combining this aspect with my qigong healing work has been profound for me personally, and I often receive feedback from clients that they enjoy my presence. It has been described as very calming and grounding. It is not me doing anything, yet I rest in this peaceful awareness of being, and people can sense that because it is who they are.

Throughout the years of practicing qigong and qigong healing, I have had my own health and spiritual challenges. Clearing my past energetically has been very valuable in my own deepening. I have also had some physical challenges, which have continued to improve, yet I am also now living a raw food lifestyle to address some stubborn ailments that qigong wasn’t quite clearing (especially asthma). Akshara and I are eating live food everyday and I sometimes can’t contain my joy from the energy it is creating within. It is a huge support in my journey of wholeness and I encourage adding live foods to your diet as part of your own healing. You will find recipes in The Cornucopia which are easy and delicious, as well as valuable information about this lifestyle.

The name I now use, Satya, given to me through my teacher, Papaji, means “true” or “real”; that which is left when the names, ideas, concepts and roles are stripped away. I support this discovery in you and would love to meet you and deepen into this ocean of being with you.

This website, Satya Shanti, is a sanskrit name which means “true peace”, and that is my highest prayer for all of us and for our planet.

In This Peace,
Satya Kathleen Dubay