Flower Essences

Flower Essences are a very powerful tool for healing on all levels of our being. They are made of the essence, or light imprint, of flowers or other forms found in nature. With the ability to tap into subtle aspects of imbalances, they gently bring up and transform patterns that no longer serve us. For a more in depth description of flower essences, please visit Nature’s Essence, a post I have written about my personal experience with them as a healing tool.

I offer Private Essence Consultations as well as Flower Essence Circles, for private groups and special events. I especially enjoy sharing the essences in a group context because it brings the participants to a deeper level of compassion, intimacy and connection, knowing that we are all on our own journey of healing and self discovery and we can support each other in this.

During a group event, each participant is invited to set an intention for their personal essence. This may be asking for support with a new job or relationship, assistance in attracting something into their life or healing from a current or past experience.

I then work with each individual, muscle testing over 90 essences to create the perfect personal blend needed. This process takes about 5 minutes, at which time the others in the group hold sacred space for the individual.

Flower Essence Circle fees begin at a minimum of $50 for up to 3 people and $15 each for 4 or more people ($20 each if the essences will be shipped). Circles are held at your location or at an arranged space or over Skype.

Private Essence Consultations offer a more personal and in depth experience at a rate of $25 for 30 minutes ($30 if the essence will be shipped), which includes time to crystalize the intention and integrate personal insights. Combine this with a 30 minute (one hour total) healing session for $60. Sessions take place either at my healing space or yours, or over Skype.

Please inquire through the Contact Page  or call 303.882.8111 with questions and to schedule your Private Essence Consultation or Flower Essence Circle today.