Private Sessions

Through my own healing journey, becoming aligned with the flow of life has been integral, and we explore this together in a gentle and compassionate way. Our time in a session is a space of openness and trust, knowing that what is revealed is profound and just right.

I have 1200 hours and over 15 years of training in Qigong Healing, as well as training in sound healing, which I combine together to create a harmonic field that offers space for profound internal shifts to occur.

A private session starts with time to address what is arising for you in the moment. Then begins the energy and sound healing, while the recipient rests on my massage table, in a space of openness and receptivity.  I begin by first creating sound; using bowls, small chimes, soft gongs and other soothing instruments along with guiding breath work, which opens the field and allows the recipient to gently relax  inward. I then assess the energy system to find patterns of imbalance, stagnation and trauma. From there, I proceed through the appropriate energetic alignments to loosen and release the patterns and bring the energy system into wholeness, using both energy and harmonic sounds. The recipient may feel actual energetic shifts occurring, or simply an open, peaceful feeling encompassing their body. After the healing work there is time to reflect on the shifts that occurred.

Along with the increased feeling of openness, alignment and peace, the healing will often be experienced in your external life as a more effortless flow, increased ease with necessary changes and a feeling of support for living as your true nature.

Sessions are currently offered just east of Boulder, Colorado. Remote sessions are also available, and similar in all ways, except that we are not in the same physical location, yet interacting energetically at the same time. A phone consultation or private video conference is included with a remote session.

Healing is a process and can take time. My recommendation is an initial private session with at least one follow up session. At that point your energy system will be open, stable and balanced. From there we can assess what is needed for you based on your health and goals. Eventually, along with your personal qigong practice, a seasonal or annual session may be sufficient in maintaining the openness and alignment we have created.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you in this way, and to be a support for your living as your most radiant self.

I am also available for Qi & Sound Baths, which offer a more general healing session in a group setting, using sound, breath work and gentle energy clearing.

To schedule a private session please inquire through the Contact Page, or call me at 303-882-8111. Private sessions last 60 minutes with a fee of $75.