Qi & Sound Healing

In truth, there is nothing needed to experience and live from a place of inner peace, as this is our true nature. Yet, it can be challenging to experience this fully when the body carries past conditioning and patterns of resistance. The art of energetic healing, using qigong and sound, is valuable on the journey of becoming more alive and aware. It supports us as we drop into presence and live from here. It can guide the way and can hold us as we dive ever deeper.

The energetic body, which encompasses us, holds patterns of the past; either as thoughts, emotions, trauma or physical energetic blockages. Eckhart Tolle calls this collection of patterns the “pain body”, and recommends qigong as a tool to help release the past conditioning held in our bodies. When these patterns are released through gentle healing work and personal cultivation practices, what is discovered is pure life energy; life itself, effortlessly flowing within.

As we get clearer and more aligned, our daily experience reflects this shift of freedom and spaciousness within. The mind becomes more still as we let go of resistance to what is and live in the moment, with openness. The body is less heavy, holding less patterns from the past, allowing us to be more present. This offers the opportunity to rest in presence more fully, with what is, in our peaceful nature. From here anything is possible.

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