Here Anew

There is something so refreshing about a new year. The slate is blank, the book of the past year has been closed and there is a potential to start anew – to “get things right this time.” We all enjoy this feeling of having another chance to love more, to live more and to improve our lives.

Upon this new year, with a new moon aligning with it, there is an even more powerful opportunity to start fresh and fulfill the dreams that still lay dormant in our hearts. Nature and time have teamed up to give us an even greater opportunity to hit the restart button. This is a rare occasion and one that can change our lives in an instant, if we so choose.

Yet, let’s take this opportunity a step deeper. Let us examine what it is that makes us feel that a new moon, or even a new year, is necessary to start from square one. These natural phases are locked into time and space, yet perhaps we ourselves are not naturally locked into them.

What if we let go of the notion that we need time and space to dictate when we are given second chances? We know that space isn’t exactly what it appears to be – the new moon is only from our earthly perspective and our seeming reality of things. And we all know that the calendar we use to make sense of time is man-made. If we traveled off the planet, it would be irrelevant. Yet, these concepts lock us into time and space and into limiting beliefs of our boundaries. We buy into the belief that only on rare occasions, such as a new year, are we offered a completely new beginning.

We don’t necessarily need these points of reference in order to shed the past and open to new possibilities, do we? What if we allowed each and every moment to be new? What if we allowed ourselves to be completely empty of the past and only ever aware of being right where we are? We hear so often to “be in the now” in order to be at peace, yet we constantly recreate the past in our minds, keeping it alive and causing ourselves and others to suffer. We carry the weight of our stories with us, seeing our lives through the lens of what we believe happened, what we believe didn’t happen and what we believe should’ve happened. It feels so heavy, doesn’t it?

Even after the new year and new moon have come and gone, as all occurrences of time and space naturally do, let us go beyond our seeming boundaries and continue to live life in this way – beginning new each morning and in each and every moment. If it’s challenging, let us investigate what keeps us stuck. The past is only real in our minds, yet it is usually held onto tightly. We can only watch a movie so many times before it gets old, yet we continue to play our personal movies over and over – sometimes even hoping for a better ending. What is it that keeps us replaying the same groove over and over?

Being new in this moment opens the sky of possibilities. Being new in each moment opens up the universe. Celebrate this new year in time, yet know that time is bound. This freshness is beyond time, space and all concepts. This doesn’t need time or space to give it definition. It doesn’t need anything, yet it is seen only with an open mind and a childlike wonder of the beauty that it reveals.

In this space of openness, we are effortlessly reset anew over and over again. And all that we see around us can also be fresh and untouched by past concepts and stories. We can continually choose to experience life in the field of this mysterious now – new, empty and full of potential. And better yet, we can rest in this eternal now, knowing it is our true nature and it is love, complete.

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