Gathering Moonlight

Sharing this much loved practice was inspired by a lovely walk at the lake a few nights ago with my dear friends, Di and Indie. We watched the sunset over the mountains and were then pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful Piscean Full Moon rise from the east. I shared with them that this was a special moon to me since I was born on the Pisces full moon in Virgo. We practiced Gathering Moonlight together and enjoyed the nurturing energy from it. It was one of those moments which will remain in my memory for many years.

Moonlight is a heavenly elixir which is essential in our ability to connect with the feminine aspects of who we are. In the past, when people lived closer to the earth and used less artificial light and technology, we were more in touch with the moon and its healing qualities. We were able to live in rhythm with our bodies and with the natural phases of the earth, moon and all of life.

The divine feminine mystery is reflected in the moon and its energy. Tuning in and using the energy of the moon can have a profound effect on our bodies, soul and spirit. One profound aspect of the female body in which the moon plays a role is with the menstrual cycle. The twenty-eight days in a full cycle of the moon coincides with the average menstrual cycle. It is most beneficial to bleed during the inward new moon and ovulate during the fertile, vibrant, full moon.

On a spiritual level, we often feel inspired to begin a new project during the new moon phase. We then allow the increased light to carry us through to the fruition as the moon becomes full. After the full moon wanes, we often feel the need to rest and allow time to retreat before beginning to nurture a new creative seed on the next new moon. Sometimes projects take longer than one cycle, yet beginning on the new moon is very auspicious and aligned. It gives the project tremendous support for its manifestation. Becoming aware of the moon’s effect on our lives allows for us to become more in tune with nature, with our own creativity and with the flow of life itself.

Gathering moonlight not only draws in the feminine, nurturing elixir, it also assists our bodies in becoming more in tune with the moon cycle and with our own creativity and fertility; literally and figuratively. We can use this energy to connect deeply with the internal, mysterious aspects of ourselves, allowing the yin power to awaken within us and be expressed as us.

The Gathering Moonlight Practice is very beneficial during the full moon, yet practice this when you fell drawn to do so. You may want to begin the practice on the new moon and continue through the phases, which adds the benefit of journeying with the complete lunar cycle. During the new moon, the moon is up during the day so will not be seen easily, yet tune in and find her with your intuition. She often will draw your attention to her and will guide to where she is in the sky.

Each phase of the moon offers a different feel, and as we do this, we will discover the subtle and healing aspects of all of the moon phases. Staying in touch with the moon’s journey and relationship with the sun is a glorious experience. Enjoy each phase and notice what it offers along your own journey.


To gather moonlight, stand on the earth, with your feet firmly planted, shoulder width apart, with your tailbone slightly tucked in. Take a few deep breaths, sending the exhale down into the earth, releasing and grounding into the planet.

Look up at the moon and connect with her. Bring your arms up above your head and face your palms to her. Begin to breath through your palms, gathering the moonlight there. Allow it to flow down your arms into your heart center. Continue drawing it into your palms, yet also feel the moonlight spreading out from your heart into your entire body.

Continue to gaze at the moon and gather her light for five to ten minutes. Let the light enter through your eyes as well, in an open, receptive manner. Feel the light spread through every cell in your body and expand out a few feet to fill your field. Notice how it feels to be filled with the moonlight elixir. Be open and receptive to hearing or perceiving any insight from the moon. Listen very quietly as you are soaking in her energy.

When you feel complete, send gratitude to the moon for her assistance in nurturing you, as she shines moonlight, the reflection of the sun, into your body and soul.

Practice this each day and take note of changes in your creativity and inner cycles. You may be pleasantly surprised to see its effects over time. It will align you and open you up to your own internal rhythms, which are very connected to the natural cycles in all life. And you will be in harmony with the silvery, subtle, peaceful radiance of the divine feminine.

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